Misadventures in Dieting

So a gang of girls and I have been hard at work trying to lose weight since January. Our goal was to lose 20 pounds by April. Trust me, I can stand to lose a bit more than that but 20 pounds sounded great. I kept envisioning all of the wonderful things I could do without those pesky 20 pounds lingering around my midsection. I could wear a bikini again without having a well meaning stranger ask if I was pregnant. I could look good when I hula (other than being the whitest hula dancer to ever stumble about on a stage). I could even take boudoir photos without being embarassed.

But alas, our April 1 deadline has come and gone. Those 20 pounds? Most of them are still there, comfortably lounging around my body. They have neither been ousted nor shifted into a more sighly position. I have tried everything: eating more veggies, consuming less sugar, exercising daily. I've done it all. I've cut all sugar from my daily coffee and have learned to tolerate Equal which by the way is nowhere near equal in my book. I have noshed on bell peppers, hummus, and wheat Caesar pasta salad with artichokes and feta cheese. I have learned the fine art of yoga, pilates, kickboxing, walking, ballroom, hula, hip hop, and many other workout shows and videos. I now own close to 25 videos . . . not one of which was responsible for a single pound lost.

To date, I have lost a total of 7 pounds, but I'm pretty sure I gained 2 back following our Easter festivities. I hope you all are doing far better than I am. Anyone need 20 pounds? Just call me. I'm sure I can pursuade my excess to catch a train to your house.


Unknown said...

This is my second attempt at sending a blog, so I'll be brief. I just lost 20 pounds using HcG for just over a month. It's a short term weight loss product you can get online. There is a lot of info about it, so you need to do your research first to make a good decision whether or not to use it. But, if you have any questions please contact me. I wish everyone would use this stuff for a month and feel great like I do. I had zero cravings the whole time and ate fruits, veggies and lean meats. Lost approx 1lb per day. The product is known to shed from .5-3 lbs per day if you follow the directions. Only cost me $30. I had nothing to lose (except the weight!!)

Unknown said...

OK, "unknown" is Karen B. from the old Travaliers group. You can reach me by Facebook if you want to contact me.