Works In Progress

I am currently working on several WIPs. Here's the general concept of each.

REDEMPTION FOR LIARS (Romantic Suspence) - In final edits - Querying Agents
Jonah’s new girlfriend, the prime suspect in his undercover investigation, just buried her deadbeat husband. Or so he thought.

FBI Agent Jonah White just threw away a promising career to find justice for his sister’s murder. But with the suspected killer already six feet under, he’ll wine and dine the grieving widow, Maya Savantes, to recover his sister’s missing inheritance. Working undercover is never easy, but falling in love with Maya, a possible accomplice to murder, definitely wasn’t part of the plan. As Jonah delves deeper into Maya’s life, he discovers two things: 1) there’s a pissed off, trigger happy loan shark who assumes Maya has the fifty grand her husband stole – the very same money Jonah’s been searching for, and 2) Maya’s husband isn’t so dead after all.

REDEMPTION FOR LIARS (75,000 words) is a romantic suspense novel set in Hill’s Creek, Texas, a fictitious town where the kinfolk like their secrets the way they like their steaks; big and juicy.

ASSASSIN, PI - (Romantic Suspense) - Working on the 1st draft
For a disgraced former cop who likens himself to a modern day Dick Tracy, being paid to track down and eliminate bad guys has its perks. Nearly getting killed isn’t one of them. After his last job goes south, Private Eye, Jack Gaines, promises to retire to the Bahamas. But that was before his ex-flame, Angie, graced his doorway. Before the reunion is through, Jack agrees to take her case: find and assassinate her husband’s killer.

As the passion between Jack and Angie singes the pages of his comic books, Jack finds it increasingly difficult to stave off the local police who are hot on his serial killing trail. Ending Angie’s vendetta becomes a life and death matter when Jack makes a startling revelation: he’s just been hired to assassinate himself. If Angie knows the truth, he might as well kiss his relationship, and his life, goodbye. Getting out of this mess (preferably alive) will take more than just his wits, good looks, and an arsenal of gumshoe novels.

GOING SANE (Chick Lit) - Working on 1st draft
Three friends decide to give up the insanity of their current lives to follow their hearts and passions. Sophie, a newly separated mother of two young girls, contemplates divorcing her verbally abusive husband. April, a thirty-something perpetual student, is hoping to find her true calling in life and break her cycle of serial monogamy. Emma loses the promotion she has worked years to get and needs to find balance in her life. Finding a man to love her would just be an added bonus! They work together to raise Sophie's children while supporting and oftentimes pushing each other to do the unexpected. This novel is all about finding (and liking) yourself.

UNTITLED (Young Adult Historical Fiction)
In the 1950's, racial segregation was the norm until the laws changed. So what happens when a young white girl runs away from home and is taken in by a young black family with children of their own? This novel explores teenage angst, friendship, schoolgirl crushes, and reverse integration. Can the black community come together to protect the outsider in her time of need?