Websites I Love

Great writing advice, critiques, contests and more.
Query and synopsis tips. Critique other people's work. Always a funny read.
Track your queries and find agents to contact. They also have a wonderful forum where writers help writers improve and sharpen their skills.
A breakdown of why a query doesn't work and how to fix it.
General information about writing and publishing books for kids.
A group of agents who post and critique the first 250 words of manuscripts. Invaluable insight into an agent's mind.
A wonderful website chock full of writing advice and a weekly query critique (Wednesdays).
A former agent who blogs about writing and publishing. There is always a great forum of writers ready to help critique your query letters, synopsis, or first pages.
Join critique circle for free to give, and get, invaluable critiques on your chapters. It works on a credit system and you have to give critiques to earn credits. Earn enough credits and you can post your own work!
Tips on writing queries and a database of agents.
This blog post is about expecting, and accepting criticism. Vital for becoming a better writer.
Writing advice specific to romance writers but valid tips regardless of the genre you write.

My own photography website!
My husband's photography website!
Mindy Bryant's photography website!
The website I developed for St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Beaumont, CA.
Discover the Pass Area (Banning/Beaumont/Cabazon). A great website developed by a friend.
Keep up-to-date with what is happening during the Beaumont USD board meetings. Be more involved and help fight for the quality of education that our children deserve.

Free worksheets for kids to do. Great resource for the summer.
Fun phonics activities and videos. PreK-2
Create your own math worksheets for your children to practice their skills. Each worksheet is custom-made by you based on skill and type of problem. Usually you can print an answer key as well.
Practice your spelling words in fun ways. Just type in your words and then play the games. You can even print out a certificate proving you passed a quiz.
Carl's Corner is a great primary grade resource. They have tons of worksheets and little books based on the specific reading skill you are working on. You can easily spend hours perusing this site.
Worksheets based on grade level.
Free algebra and pre-algebra worksheets based on the specific skill your child is learning. Also prints an answer key.
Download free flipcharts to use with your promethean board.