Sunday, October 21, 2012

Called to Heaven

**This is the eulogy I wrote for my mom.
On October 9th, 2012 God sent out a call . . . a call for an angel. “This angel must have a soul that shines so bright it can shed light through the darkest of nights,” he said, “and a heart so pure that it overflows with love.”
And though they surely scoured the earth from end to end, only one person could they find who met these strictest of requirements. Convinced, they had found the best possible candidate for the job, the angels gathered back together to give their report.
The first one said, “Dorrie Herring has lived a good life and she will surely be missed. She touched many lives in her lifetime. Though she had but only four children by birth, she had three stepchildren she loved, numerous godchildren she nurtured with faith, and even more children of the heart. She was a good sister, always harassing her siblings to stay in touch with one another. She was a good wife, in both sickness and in health. She was a friend to everyone she met and was only a phone call, email, or crazy text away. Her heart had a never-ending supply of love to give.”  
The second angel agreed and then added, “When times were tough, she put the needs of her children before her own needs. Give her a little string, a blanket, and a television, and VOILA! instant drive-in movie theater. Even when the pantry was bare except for a handful of potatoes, she could make a feast fit for a king. Sometimes, she’d stop by her young daughters homes with a bagful of groceries, a simple dinner at the ready, so that they too could understand the many virtues of the crockpot. And later in life, when she had money to spare, she still thought of others first, sharing her good fortune, her wisdom, and her faith with all those who needed a helping hand. She even supported her local businesses, especially the flower shops, determined to help her town thrive. She truly understood that she was blessed and did what she could to bless those around her.”
The third angel nodded his head. “She was a good girl scout. In fact, I think she might have been one of the best. She took preparedness to a whole new level. When she found out her signature nail polish color was being discontinued, she purchased 4 bottles, and always kept 1 stashed away in her purse. And good gosh almighty, have you seen her stash of purses? Step away from the QVC card, Dorrie, step away.”
“But her foresight went much further than that. A while back, she helped her daughter create a family cookbook so she could pass on her knowledge and memories. She even prepared and paid for all her own funeral arrangements so that her family wouldn’t be burdened.”
A fourth angel, quiet until this point, spoke up. “You are all right. Dorrie had a heart of gold, and a shiny spirit to match but she had a gift, a gift that will surely live on in the hearts of her loved ones.”
The angels looked confused. “What gift is more powerful than love?”
“Let me explain. You see, Dorrie saw the potential in everyone she met but more importantly, she help others see the possibilities in themselves. She gave advice freely to anyone who wanted it and tough love was never in short supply. She encouraged her children to follow their dreams, and was usually a willing accomplice in all sorts of crazy schemes. And she nudged and supported, and chided when necessary, until each had found their own path in life. Without her, surely a hole will be left in their hearts. I fear they may lose their way.”
The first angel thought for a moment, perplexed by this possible dilemma. After much debate, the angels took their predicament to God. He listened patiently while they each spoke, weighing their words carefully.
“Was her faith strong?”
“The strongest,” they agreed. “She led by example, loved unconditionally, and guided others to Jesus.”
“Was her heart pure?”
“Yes!” they unanimously cried.
“Was her spirit bright?”
Again, a resounding, “yes!”
And God gathered his angels before him. “Fear not, my children. Though the body may die, the spirit lives on. Each person she met, each child she loved, carries with them a piece of her, her thumbprint on their hearts. And when the way is lost, and the light dim, the lessons she taught, the love she gave, will shine bright, lighting the way. Fear not, my children. You have chosen well.”
And with that, the decision was made final. Across the heavens, the bells tolled, and an angel was born again in Christ, having finally earned her wings.
On that day, October 9th of 2012, our mother, our friend, Doris Jean Herring, was called to heaven.


Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful eulogies I have read. Amazing work! Something to cherish for a lifetime.
--Caitlin Ayers

Anonymous said...

That is absolutelt beautiful Betsy.

Daryl Randall said...

Betsy, your eulogy is so filled with honor and love! Your mom had such a big heart. She will be missed by many!
--Daryl Randall

Annalisa said...

All true. Your Mom would have loved this. Well done! - Annalisa

Anonymous said...

Betsy, that was beautiful. No truer words were ever written.

Sandee Smetters said...

She will be missed but her love will always surround the ones she touched while she was here.

Anonymous said...

Even though I was at the services and heard this, after reading it myself it has touch my heart more. Besty you are one of a kind, this was so touching, and Dorrie would dearly have loved this. Don't ever give up writing.

miriam melendez said...

Bellísimo, un tributo a una dulce y bella señora, llena de amor.

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