Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home Alone with Too Much to Do

As I write this, I'm still in my nighttime attire (don't judge me), plopped down on my bed typing away on my laptop. It's 11:16 in  the morning. Am I working on editing my completed manuscript? Heck no. I edited one chapter and then lost focus, watched a couple hours of Charmed reruns while I surfed the web, and talked to my sister. Am I writing the next chapter of my WIP? Nope. I started to, but got more involved in trying to import my music into ITunes. I did write a few lines but then realized what I really needed to do was outline the entire book. I made it as far as outlining the first part of the book. Now I'm updating my blog and pondering how high the pile of laundry will get before someone (probably me) runs out of clothes to wear and out of desperation, throws a load into the washer.

No kids at home means no arguing, no whining, and no one to force Mom to get up and be productive. With photos to edit, a novel to edit, a story to write, lesson plans to design, school events to plan, housekeeping to attend to, and weight that won't lose itself without a bit of sweat equity, you'd think I would be hustling about taking advantage of my day home alone. Not so, my friends. I think I'll kill time by creating new ways to procratinate. Anyone with me? How do you procrastinate? Better yet, how do you stop procrastinating?

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